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A deck or terrace installed by our specialists will provide unmatched beauty and durability for years to come. You’ll enjoy countless hours of relaxation and add significant value to your home.

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Grand Forks Deck and Patio Builders

The biggest mistake that some homeowners in Grand Forks make when looking to design or improve their patio is that they presume that just because their yard isn’t very big that their options are limited. The reality of the situation is that this way of thinking is not based in any kind of reality. Using the years of combined remodeling experience, catering to the needs of homeowners across Grand Forks, our skilled team of patio designers can forge unique and customized opportunities for homeowners with even the most compact of yards. Our installation and construction team can take these designs, and make your patio dreams a reality. At Belmont Builders, LLC, we are a glass half full kind of team. It is this positive approach to our profession that separates us from other patio teams in the area.

Reasons to Choose Deck and Patio Installation

There are many advantages to building a deck, terrace, or patio on your property in Grand Forks. Belmont Builders, LLC work hard every day with clients to extend and enhance their yards.

First and foremost, installing a deck extends your home’s living space and livable square footage. Whether you intend to use your deck as an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor dining room, an outdoor living space will be the perfect feature to complement your home. Decks and terraces are so versatile, they can be used for essentially any purpose. Adding an enclosure or an umbrella will make them even more useful and practical. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or simply having a quiet evening with a book, your deck will provide you with unlimited outdoor enjoyment.

Patio installation also offers great possibilities for personalizing and customizing outdoor space. The huge variety of top-quality decking materials means that each client can have a deck installed according to their own budgets and tastes. You can choose from numerous styles and designs and can achieve even greater personalization by painting or staining your deck.

Depending on the size of your home or property, you can also choose the ideal size for your patio or deck. From a simple walk-out deck to an expansive wrap-around patio, your outdoor patio will perfectly blend in with your home.

In addition to the countless possibilities for purpose and design, an outdoor deck offers great durability and low-maintenance. Properly treated wood ages excellently and is easy to repair if necessary.

Because of their durability and ease of maintenance, decks and patios are a great investment. They are cost-effective to build and will increase the value of your property.

Finally, it gives you a greater ability to enjoy the great outdoors!

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Deck Construction Process

When the design for your deck or patio has been determined, your decking materials will arrive, and our specialists will get to work.

Our utmost priority is working safely and neatly on your property. We minimize noise and disruption to your daily routines, and work with both speed and patience.

Our construction process uses top-quality hardware and equipment to ensure the durability of your deck. We’ll work with you at each stage of the process, ensuring that your deck is exceeding your expectations.

In no time, your completed deck will be ready to use and enjoy.

Four Questions You Need to Answer to Maximize Your Grand Forks Patio

Most Grand Forks homeowners will spend thousands of dollars designing, installing and remodeling the interior of their home, without paying even the slightest level of attention to their patio. The reality of the situation is that a patio is one of the most unrealized real estate opportunities in your home and, if done right, it can add immediate value and curb appeal to your Grand Forks property. So, whether your patio is on a waterfront setting or tucked away in a cul-de-sac of a residential neighborhood, we can help. Three questions that our skilled team of patio design and construction experts always ask before beginning work on your home include:

How Do You Want to Use Your Patio Space?

Perhaps the most important question that our design team need to ask before starting work on any patio project in Grand Forks is figuring out what exactly you want to use the patio for. Will it be a calm place for reading or listening to music, or a space for entertaining guests, or perhaps a mix of the two? Once this question is answered, we can get to work on creating your dream patio.

Who Loves the Sun?

Depending on whether your patio is east- or west-facing can determine how much sunshine it will receive. So, this can determine whether you will need protection from the sun or as much open space as possible to get the most out of it.

What About Rain?

While the last thing that most Grand Forks homeowners do when thinking of a patio is even consider the prospect of rain spoiling the party. However, the reality is that failing to consider rain when designing your patio can end up with your patio completely out of commission. Avoid this problem by installing an awning.

What Material Will You Choose?

Because Belmont Builders, LLC is a general contractor with experience handling all sorts of jobs, you know that we can help you design the perfect patio or deck for your Grand Forks home or business and from whatever material you desire. Most people in Grand Forks will choose concrete, brick, wood, or some combination of the above materials to build their decks and patios with, but the only limit to your design choice is your imagination.

Wood decks and patios are beautiful and carry a sort of classic appeal that translates well when it comes time to sell your property, but they require more maintenance—including regular sanding and staining—to keep them looking their very best for longer.

Concrete or brick patios are low-maintenance and require almost no extra work when they’ve been installed, but in the wrong backyard, they can look out of place. Need help choosing? Call the deck and patio experts for advice! (That’s us, by the way!)

Above-Ground Pool Decks

The dream for many Grand Forks homeowners is a beautiful above-ground pool that they can relax next to and enjoy some summer sun on. But that’s hard to do without a stylish and elegant deck surrounding it! Building a custom deck to fit the above-ground pool on your Grand Forks property is a boon year-round. In the warmer months, you and your loved ones will have a private and comfortable place to relax as the kids (or the adults) splash around in the pool.

An above-ground pool deck makes for easier winterization each year. It also adds a greater element of safety. If you add a lock to your above-ground pool deck, not only can you ensure strangers don’t enter your pool for a dip late at night, but you also guarantee that children and pets do not enter the water until an adult is present. It’s not only great for your backyard’s appearance, but it does wonders for your peace of mind, as well!

Backyard Patio Ideas for Beautiful Yards, Gardens, and Commercial Areas

There are few things that can add as much raw curb appeal to a home or business than a deck or patio. This inexpensive investment in your property can significantly boost your enjoyment of your property. Why not mull over some of these affordable deck and patio construction ideas?

Residential Decks and Patios

When it comes to designing a deck or patio for your home, the sky’s the limit. We’re experienced constructing all manner of structures, including pergolas, shade covers, gazebos, decks, and patios! Decks for Your Restaurant, Café, or Other Commercial Property

Few things appeal to the modern consumer as the thought of eating al fresco under a warm summer sky. When the weather heats up, a deck or patio can make a crucial difference to your business’s bottom line. Your property will look more attractive and inviting than your competitors, that’s for sure! Why not call Belmont Builders, LLC to set you up with a beautiful hardwood patio seating area?

Deck and Patio Specialists Near Me

If you want the make the most out of your underused patio, then you need to invest in the services of a design and installation team you can rely on. Belmont Builders, LLC is that team.